The Hipster Almonds (Honey + Butter Coated Almonds)


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Real honey + butter base coated almonds with 3 flavors!

Net weight: 15oz / 45oz (1oz each)


Original - if you'd still want to enjoy the crunchy taste with minimal texture change, this is the one to go with.

Tiramisu - a mixture flavor of coffee and chocolate in a creamy texture.

Cinnamon - a milky texture with added cinnamon flavor.

Allergen warning: this product contains soy, dairy, and tree nuts


WARNING - California Proposition 65
Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Acrylamide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Customer Reviews

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Don't Order Tiramisu in the Summer

The Hipster Almonds are great. The original honey+butter flavor arrived in a box in good condition. I also ordered the Tiramisu flavor. Those arrived in a bag. Likely due to the summer heat, the Tiramisu almonds melted into a solid chunk at the bottom of each packet in transport. I would NOT recommend ordering the Tiramisu flavor during the summer months. The flavor is good, but it is a mess to try and break apart the melted chunk into edible pieces. Also, you will need scissors to open the packets!

Michelle Loggins

The Tirimisu almonds are worth every penny.
But the plain honey butter were bland and just like every other almond out there. Waste of money on those ones.

Hi Michelle, Thank you for your honest review, we value everyone's input! we're very sorry to hear that honey butter original wasn't the taste you expected. Original flavor and Tiramisu have a quite different flavor and texture, and the original flavor didn't fit your appetite!

We'll go ahead and issue a refund for your original flavor purchase, as we stand-by our quality, taste! we'd be appreciated if you could re-consider the rating based on the service received. Thank you :)