Bulk Hazelnuts

We offer high-quality hazelnuts available for bulk purchase at competitive wholesale prices. Bakers, restaurants, cereal and snack companies buy our hazelnuts in bulk to make their unique in-house recipes. They buy from us because we consistently sell the best hazelnuts. You can buy bulk hazelnuts from us at wholesale prices in two ways, blanched hazelnuts or blanched dry-roasted hazelnuts using our proprietary in-house slow dry-roasting process. We slow dry roast our hazelnuts for better flavor! These are the same hazelnuts used in all of our popular pantry and grab & go products. 


55lbs of BLANCHED HAZELNUTS / FILBERTS sold in bulk at a wholesale price!  Blanched hazelnuts - Our bulk... (read more)

55lbs of BLANCHED & DRY-ROASTED HAZELNUTS / FILBERTS sold in bulk at a wholesale price!  Blanched hazelnuts - Our bulk hazelnuts... (read more)