Freshly Roasted Almonds in 72 Hours

Enjoy the taste of freshly roasted almonds!

Roasted Almonds delivered within 72 hours of roasting!

Roasted almonds immediately begin to lose their nutty taste as soon as they are roasted. Consumers have only so many days to enjoy the true flavor of freshly roasted almonds. That is where we come in. We only dry roast in small batches and package our almonds once we receive your order. Then we ship them out from our California roastery, all within 72 hours, with a guaranteed freshly roasted flavor. We want you to enjoy our product, taste the difference, and come back for more! 

Roastery Coast Freshly Roasted Almonds in 72 Hours Delivered

Dry Roasted Almonds delivered to your home within 72 hours

Our nuts arrive with a "Freshly roasted" taste that you won't find with retail

  • 72 ships to your door in just 72 hours - FRESHNESS GUARANTEED
  • Average retail product takes approximately 120 days - FRESHNESS NOT GUARANTEED
Roastery Coast just roasted almonds within 72 hours

How 72 compares to retail

We guarantee our nuts arrive with a "freshly roasted" taste you won't find with retail

Lower price, higher quality

A healthy, delicious and affordable snack perfect for any occasion. It is an absolute delight.

Quality you can taste

We believe the natural flavor of our ingredients should be able to stand on their own, that is why we do very little to alter their natural flavor, so you can taste the quality yourself.

The perfect snack

Anytime, anywhere, the fresh taste of 72 almonds can upgrade any meal plan or snack. Treat yourself with a new level of deliciousness.

Higher quality, lower price

Lower prices does not have to mean lower quality. With our direct-to-farm relationships we are able to get great deals on local almonds, cut out the middle man, and sell our product at almost half the cost of our competition

For all nutritional needs

The high quality of our almonds is matched by their nutritional strength. Great for any diet or nutritional needs.
Peanut Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Non-GMO, Trans Fat Free, Low Gi