Bulk Walnuts | Halves and Pieces | Steam Pasteurized | 25lbs


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25lbs of WALNUTS HALVES and PIECES sold in bulk at a wholesale price! 

Our bulk walnuts are a great choice for food manufacturers, bakers, restaurants and retail outlets. Delicious and loaded with flavor. 

  • Halves and Pieces
  • Steam Pasteurized
  • Light
  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Kosher
  • 25lbs

Our bulk items are packed in large protective polybags placed inside heavy duty corrugated boxes.

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Steam Pasteurized

What is steam pasteurization?

It is a flash heating process that uses steam to pasteurize the nut. No propylene oxide (PPO) or any other pasteurization method is used.

Why steam pasteurization?

Steam pasteurization preserves the natural nut flavor without the use of chemicals.

Bulk walnuts at wholesale prices

Get the best deal on bulk California walnuts at a wholesale price. We offer high-quality walnuts available for bulk purchase at competitive wholesale prices. Bakers, restaurants, cereal and snack companies buy our walnuts in bulk for their unique in-house recipes. They buy from us because we consistently sell the best walnuts. Buy bulk walnuts from us at wholesale prices! These are the same hazelnuts used in all of our popular pantry and grab & go.

How do we keep our bulk prices so low?

We buy large quantities of tree nuts for use in our popular pantry bag and grab & go products. This purchasing power allows us to offer bulk nuts to commercial customers at competitively low prices. We have incredibly high standards and these are the same premium high-quality tree nuts and dried fruits found in all of our products.

Low glycemic index (Low GI)

Because of their relatively small amounts of carbohydrates, nuts dominate the lower range of the glycemic index along with beans, yogurt, and green vegetables. Learn more...

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sylvia La Monda

I got the 25 pounds of walnuts because I have mental issues and I have to find things that make me happy. I found out that feeding squirrels does that for me, and buying by the pkg at the store I can't afford so this was the best idea I had and very pleased. They also taste great I cook with them also

Jorge Manzullo

Nice ppl. Shipped fast. Fresh fresh fresh. Taste gr8.