Brazil Nuts | Unsalted | Raw | 30 Pack


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Enjoy the delicious earthy, nutty taste on the go with 30 packs of Just Brazil Nuts!


  • Brazil Nuts (raw)

Brazil Nuts are a super nut that is a staple in South American diets. Our Brazil Nuts have a robust and earthy flavor. 

Because of their unique growing requirements, traditional farming methods struggle to produce high-quality Brazil Nuts. Our Brazil Nuts are grown and harvested in and around the Amazon Rainforest in Bolivia. 

Brazil nuts contain Plant Protein, Antioxidants, Magnesium, Fiber and are loaded with Selenium making them a perfect, guilt-free addition to your heart healthy diet.

Unsalted, raw, high energy, healthy snack.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED If you are not satisfied with our product we'll issue you a full refund.

LOW GI Low glycemic index.

Customer Reviews

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Zachary Jackson
I’m satisfied

Everyone has a different opinion of what’s healthy. So, this review is based on my humble opinion of what’s right for me. So, full disclosure: not a doctor, not a nutritionist, certainly not an expert, just my opinion. Healthy fats are super healthy in moderation and nuts are a great source of healthy fats. Nuts are also packed in healthy micro nutrients and different nuts contain different micronutrients. All that being said, nuts are an extremely calorie dense food, so if you’re relatively sedentary and you eat a lot of them, you’ll gain fat. So, I love the individual packs b/c they keep me from eating too much. I also appreciate that I can get a wide variety of nuts. Almost everyone else in the industry packs these individual packs with a bunch of peanuts and a few almonds, walnuts, etc. Roasters doesn’t cut corners or try to trick the customer with fillers. So, for what I was looking for, they hit the nail on the head.

Beth Sharo
Delicious Raw Brazil nuts

I love the small packets. I believe they are 69 calories per pack and you get 4-5 nuts. That doesn't seem like many, but I find it has been helping me when I need to have some protein in the middle of the day. They were fairly expensive, but I prefer to have my food individually packaged because I don't eat as much. These were very fresh and came quickly.

Retired Army
Good product

Good price !

Great Value

Love the individual serving, it helps with Dieting.

Christy D.
Great for personal snacks

Love that they are individual packages 💗